Hey Mastodon folks!
Who uses hashtags here? Is there a preferred format? Like using a underscore to separate words for ease of reading or text to speech?

What do you prefer?

@TheDaughterOfTyr from what I can tell it's done like however the capitalisation is merely for readability purposes since in the search it ignores case

@genericallyunique2 @lawremipsum @quine CamelCase has always been my method on other mediums so that works for me.

Really curious what the consensus will be. Thanks for your input!

@TheDaughterOfTyr agreeing with all the comments saying camelCase, because it's apparently easier if you're using a screen reader!

@TheDaughterOfTyr I imagine underscores would be fine, but I usually see simply #CapitalsMarkingWords. That's apparently also fine for text to speech users.

That said, hashtags don't seem nearly as heavily used here, for better or worse.

@porsupah they’ve just added a Trending Now feature so it could be a good case to actually use them to boost conversation on certain topics. Right now there are only a top 3 trending hashtags but it could be really interesting on Mastodon compared with more traditional social media uses.

I’m glad CamelCase seems to be the preference. My brain likes that.

@TheDaughterOfTyr Ah, cool beans! A friend just shared a clip thereof - does look nice. ^_^ (How it could be made to work here, I don't know, but I still recall Brizzly's trends warmly - they all had user-supplied descriptions. Not all were entirely reverent =:)

Three does seem rather a modest number; I'll be interested to see how this unfolds. I imagine that'd be admin-configurable, but I could be entirely wrong.


@porsupah we shall see! Until then I am happy to be witness to this funky hashtag experiment

@Farrell @porsupah let's be real that's 95% of my hashtags on any given network.... haha!

@TheDaughterOfTyr Your toot is the first time I have seen underscores in hashtag terms, and I've been an active Mastodon user for over a year, if that answers your question about preference.

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