@TheDaughterOfTyr Any mints and basil, they are very forgiving. and resilient.

@TheDaughterOfTyr What kinds of things do you want to use them for?

Mints are usually very hardy, and there's a lot of variety in them. (Patchouli and catnip are in the mint family as well, I think.)

OTOH, I've found it impossible to keep coriander alive over the winter, and basil seems to disagree with Australian summers.

@dartigen Cooking. Smelling nice. Teas and cocktails... I just like plants.

I found a variety of mint today labelled as Pineapple Mint that is quite intriguing. Up here I should be able to shelter them through winter fairly well so I am open!

@TheDaughterOfTyr Ooh, for a cooking herb that's hard to get see if you can grow some fenugreek!

The seeds are easy enough to find, but fenugreek leaves are very hard to get hold of outside of specialist retailers - they're a crucial ingredient in butter chicken, but I find they're also really good in any savoury dish that you want boost the savoury-ness of.

Basil is definitely best had fresh, as are chives (and chives are super easy to grow). Chive flowers are nice in salads too.

@dartigen and Chive flowers are cute!

Oooh Fenugreek that would be a unique one.

@count I think it's always just been a scent that bugged me. Not bad in moderation though I guess. Haha

I never did the sniff honestly Lush sent me an email right when I read your post about herbs lol

- Spilanthes acmella is fun as heck, because it makes your mouth tingle. I've had trouble germinating it, though.
- You basically can't go wrong with basil, and there are a bunch of varieties with different flavors (lime, lemon, clove...); spicy bush basil is pretty cute.
- I've been meaning to try lovage, which is a lesser known but wonderful seasoning related to parsley and celery.

(also, zone 8? I'm so jealous)

@varx someone else recently suggested Lovage to me so thanks for the reminder.

Coastal B.C.but just inland enough to avoid some of the rough weather off the water but still not so inland that we get an early frost.

Be back later falling down an internet hole exploring Spilanthes amcella!

@TheDaughterOfTyr For some reason I have a note reminding me to buy some lovage seeds from Baker Creek (rareseeds.com/lovage/) -- I'm not sure if that's just because the person I was talking to got them from there, or if they were specifically recommending that source. So take that as you will. :-P

@TheDaughterOfTyr Oh I should also mention that Echinacea seeds (and I think other parts of the plant?) will produce the same numbing/tingling/saliva-producing effect that Spilanthes does. Sichuan Pepper does this as well.

@TheDaughterOfTyr if you want to be practical and get some wonderful ones: thyme (in tea combats infections like a champ), lavender (always nice and multi-purpose), catnip (hated by roaches and most insects, first-order cat magnet), bay (not glamorous but great in the kitchen and hated by roaches) 🌿

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