The number of typos I have been making on Mastodon is distressing me.

Not sure if it's the phone update resulting in a weird autocorrect/predictive text scenario, or if it's because I physically changed my phone case situation and that's causing me to type and hold my device differently?

I mean... the ones I am aware of that I made earlier were certainly beer tasting related as well. So who knows?

@TheDaughterOfTyr Maybe just a one-two punch of how low the tolerance is on habits of typing on something as un-physical as a touchscreen, conspiring with the intoxication?

Or having slightly too long fingernails, that's what's screwing *me* up right now heh

I've been making more typos than usual without an elevated BAC too though LOL

Not fingernails for me, but I could see how they might contribute to such frustrations.

@TheDaughterOfTyr I'm typing this wothout correcting my mistakes and ot's not pretty.

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