I fell asleep on the couch and Bee took a picture of me.

Discussing the point at which heels stop being shoes and start being torture devices with Bee.

@TheDaughterOfTyr Even better: the unicorn marshmallows are a permanent addition. Biggest news in cereal since the invention of cereal with marshmallows in it, tbh.

@TheDaughterOfTyr if it was all world and activism and politics nonstop it would be really really boring. We need more juice toots.

Oh holy shit there are Lucky Charms with unicorn marshmallows in the house!

Bee and I are in a cartoons and cereal mood today.

So we're watching Pokémon and eating golden grahams because YES.

3 lbs of veggies in a bottle of juice. It tasted like celery and kale (so not really tasty exactly) but I felt so nourished afterwards that I think it might be a thing I should do more.

Mastodon! Where everyone I follow is posting content about the world, activism and politics, and cool art and tech projects they're working on...

And I'm like, I drank green juice this morning! and bought SO MUCH cute underwears!

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