The day has arrived. I can finally present you all my new project.
Inspired by NewPipe, Nitter, Invidious or Bibliogram, here comes Lingva, an alternative Front-end for Google Translate.

It's a completely Free and Open Source project, so you can host your own instance. The directions are on the project's README.
You can also make any kind of contribution. Feel free to Pull Request.

El dia ha arribat. Finalment puc presentar-vos a tots el meu nou projecte.
Inspirat per NewPipe, Nitter, Invidious o Bibliogram, ací arriba Lingva, un Front-end alternatiu per al Traductor de Google.

És un projecte completament Lliure i de Codi Obert, aixì que pots hostejar una instància propia. Les instruccions hi són al README del projecte.
Tambié podéu fer qualsevol tipus de contribució. Sentiu-vos lliures de fer un Pull Request.

@TheDavidDelta interessant. Es podria integrar en mastodon per poder tindre la funció de traducció de piulades que té twitter? Però sense que google sàpiga qui som?

@arale_xan Sí, es podria la veritat. També podría mastodon directament scrapejar a google si no vol dependre de Lingva que en aquest cas no hi és molt complicat, però per facilitar aquest tipus d'us he fet una API pública de developer al propi Lingva.

@TheDavidDelta però el teu programa pot afegir la capa d'anonimat i que no haja de fer el codi de mastodon @spla

@arale_xan @spla Si, és clar. Seria genial anyadir una call a la API de Lingva i una opció en configuració per triar instància. Però el tema seria que ho fes Eugen, seria molt de treball per a mantindre el fork per part d'spla.

@TheDavidDelta correcte, sobretot perquè només tinc unes nocions bàsiques de Ruby on Rails @arale_xan

@spla @arale_xan Same, jo tampoc vaig a fer-li un PR perquè no se gens de Ruby

Es genial que hagas esto, estoy cansado del traductor de google.

@TheDavidDelta ¡¡¡Felicitaciones!!! Me encanta el nombre, me imagino que lo tomaste del Esperanto.

@jrballesteros05 Síí hahahah, me gusta el esperanto aunque no se prácticamente nada aún (estoy concentrado en aprender mandarín ahora), pero quería sacarlo de ahí por lo de ser un traductor. Además, Lingva Translate me gusta porque tiene significado conjunto si traduces de ambos idiomas al español (Traductor lingüístico) heheh.

@TheDavidDelta it's a bit buggy when typing. Like I type something get the result then change it but before I get the result again I'm already typing something else and the text box is overwriting my I'm writing

@Metruzanca Yep, thats because of the execution of Next's getStaticProps on URL change for fetching the new translation. It's also buggy when you go back on browser history. Have to fix these whenever I can.

@TheDavidDelta Además de este genial proyecto, está la opción de usar traductores que no pertenezcan a Google. Concretamente, DeepL es mucho mejor que Google y arroja resultados más precisos (aunque de momento no incluye tantos idiomas,eso sí).

@miguel Sí! Lo conozco y me gusta. Pero como el de google es el mejor engine de internet junto al de deepl, siempre está bien poder acceder a él de forma despreocupada, digamos :blobwizard:

@miguel Es más, tenía intención en un futuro de quizá meter acceso a otros engines como Yandex o DeepL para poder elegir, pero por ahora con el de google es más que suficiente

@TheDavidDelta Pues si consigues meter el motor de DeepL, creo que Lingva ganará mucho porque, francamente, las traducciones de Google a veces son mediocres y otras... simplemente graciosas (de lo malas que son, jeje).

@TheDavidDelta stop hiding your code behind the #nsamicrosoft walled garden. Github does *not* count as open source.

@TheDavidDelta pensé que solo hablabas ingles jajaja :apartyblobcat: buen trabajo, hacia falta algo así yo estaba recurriendo al Deepl que es bueno en su trabajo pero te cobra si quieres privacidad :cate:

@georgia Indeed it's build as a Progressive Web App so you can install it using your Android browser!

@TheDavidDelta I wonder if DeepL will be supported at some future point

@allison I was maybe planning to support different translation engines at the start but for the moment it just serves as a GTranslate frontend

@humanetech please do not mention it without mentioning too which is FLOSS. #lingva is still better than using Google but keep in mind that Google still has rights on the generated translation and lingva does not circumvent that issue.



Ooh, this is a wonderful project too. Hmm, I think it is best to create a separate "Translation" category in the list. Project is queued for addition, thank you!


@lutindiscret @TheDavidDelta

Just added to awesome-humane-tech :D

I will create issues in your trackers about the optional humanetech badge you are now eligible for..

@lutindiscret @humanetech @TheDavidDelta Very interesting project. I’ve got one issue however, this project depends on the Argos library for translations. It seems like Argos includes pre-trained translation models, but they do not list under what license their translation models are distributed. Is it safe to assume that their models are also licensed MIT just like their code repository is?

@lutindiscret @humanetech Yep, he's completely right, Lingva is only a scrapper by the moment, for being able to use the biggest translation engine in the world without Google, not a fully featured alternative with custom engine (like Invidious and PeerTube). Give also support and credit to the amazing people behind LibreTranslate who have built an open source engine.

@TheDavidDelta maybe you should add a disclaimer somewhere. I won't waste my time reading Google ToS but I'm pretty sure that Google owns © on the translation but more that that, I would not be surprised if by submitting your text you don't give them rights on it. I mean, if you are a author and put your creation, It might be no longer yours, but Google's © now... People should think twice before doing that...


@lutindiscret @humanetech Don't worry, Lingva doesn't have the functionality to submit a new suggested text by the moment (and I don't think it'd be a functionality to add to a scrapper XD)

@TheDavidDelta you didn't get me. If I write a book and copy-paste it in Lingva and click to get a translation, I'm not sure I still own the rights on the book I've written. Just like when you upload a photo to Facebook, it belongs to Facebook now, it's no longer yours (FB has the right to sell it). I'm not sure Google just do the work for free...

@lutindiscret Ohh, I see, I really don't think that works like that but it's true you always have to care about these services. If I read the GTranslate ToS and it's that creepe I may add some warning. For the moment I think that saying that it's a GTranslate frontend is enough.

@hamid @lutindiscret @TheDavidDelta

Just a ..

With you see that individual server instances threaten to get overburdened. Snopyta, for instance, has a permanent msg "consider a different instance".

For both self-hosted Libretranslate as well as Lingva federation support might be added, where translation requests can be sent to other instances to distribute load..

/ endshowerthought :)

@humanetech @hamid @lutindiscret It's a good idea, but I don't know if it's neither needed nor possible in the actual Lingva. The main instance is hosted on Vercel and they assume all the hosting costs if it isn't used for profit. And trying to redirect trafic without orquestred kubernetes would require to implement some kind of federated protocol just for scrapping the same endpoint at the end.

@humanetech @hamid @lutindiscret I'm starting to work in another distributed project where there are accounts and that would be probably very usefull, but I don't see that working on Lingva.

@lutindiscret @humanetech @TheDavidDelta libretranslate - unfortunately does set unannounced cookies (no disclaimer) and uses Google again.

It is also considerabely slower, that sites like, probably because of the loading of external libs.

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