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I write, tweet and toot about biology, zoology, evolution, anatomy and of course palaeontology.

Forgot to toot this yesterday:

Spina knows that collecting your specimens is made so much easier if you label and organise them properly. It'll save you a lot of timer afterwards when they finally arrive at the lab and you get to work on them.

Spina is super excited to help us dig for fossils. Here a quick foto before putting on safety gear and vest. She is all for responsible work conditions and attitude.

Went for Stuttgart yesterday to check out the quarry we will be digging at over the weekend.
Saw that Mcd has dinosaur figurines.
Her name is Spina bifida and she's loving her first ever road trip.

"Other research shows that American men find environmentalism to be inherently feminine and therefore emasculating, and view being deliberately anti-environmental as a way to feel more masculine."

Regarding the trend of influencers posing with wildlife:

Don't attract wild animals just for a cool picture or a cute snap. They can be dangerous and easily harm you or spread diseases.
The same goes the other way; You can easily transmit diseases to animals and kill them. With small animals like birds you can easily break bones while holding them and sentence the poor things to death.

Please respect wildlife and adore it from an appropriate distance!

Studies on fossil colour: Not only are we learning more and more about how these animals looked but that colour-giving pigments are also found in internal structures and organs. @HorizonMagEU

Meinungsfreiheit in sterreich h繹rt dann auf wenn sich jemand auf den Schlips getreten f羹hlt.
Verwundern tut's mich nicht, besorgniserregend ist es trotzdem.

Friendly reminder: Don't set fudging peoples' homes on fire.

"For 2 years weve fought to preserve [our reservation] & these assholes came in & burned it down.
They are killing our rivers, our sources of life & now they have set our reserve on fire. Tomorrow we are closing the roads & I want all the media here to see this."

Retooting this from Twitter:

Wondering how to respond to the ? @RainforestTrust are working to protect 6.2 million acres in the Peruvian . ALL DONATIONS ARE BEING DOUBLED!

返 If you love , check out! Its a status scheduler that Im working on.

杷m a tiny working on this- if you could take just 30 seconds to share this with anyone that might benefit Id really appreciate it.

"Nur Kritik und Solidarit瓣t bringen uns nicht weiter."
Handeln. Massive Sanktionen. Die Situation im Amazonas darf nicht geduldet werden.
Und diese Menschen trifft man am besten da wo es ihnen am meisten weh tut: Beim Profit. Erst wenn sie lernen, dass diese Art der Zerst繹rung nicht profitabel ist werden sie damit aufh繹ren.

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