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I write, tweet and toot about biology, zoology, evolution, anatomy and of course palaeontology.

Landlady just came over and handed me these. Fresh from the farm. Best landlady ever.

**Austrian government collapses after far right leader caught in video sting**

"Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called on Saturday for a snap election, pulling the plug on his coalition with the far right after its leader was caught on video discussing state contract"

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**Austrian president says snap election needed, details open**

"Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen on Saturday said a snap election was necessary after the leader of the far-right Freedom Party stepped down as vice chancellor. "

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**Austria's Kurz pulls plug on coalition, calls for snap election**

"Conservative Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz pulled the plug on Saturday on his coalition with the far-right Freedom Party after a damaging video prompted its leader to step down as vice chancellor. "

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Wait for it. Global temperature from 1861 to 2018. Notice a pattern?

There is no time to wait, there is no planet B. We must

Best coffee date so far.
Finally got around to read this. I love my babies. T_T

I'm not anti-space or tech. I just believe tech should benefit all of us, not make a few of us $50,000,000,000 per year and leave everyone else to cut back on food, haircuts, and 'non-essential internet' then be blamed for 'killing the haircut industry' as the USA article suggested

Fully Automated Luxury Space / Earth Communism 100%.

But we're heading toward Fully Automated Capitalist / Fascist Space Paradise for a handful of rich white dudes and American Hellscape-but-worse for the rest.

After years of not using Facebook, it was high time that I deleted my account. So I did. :D

Did humans kill the Madagascan megafauna? No.
Did humans' presence and impact on the environment and subsequent changes kill the Madagascan megafauna?
More likely.

She is more competent than most adults in position of power. Greta Thunberg is going places, she knows what's in store for us if we do not change our energy policies and won't accept it. All that at 16 years of age.

She, ladies and gentlemen, is someone I want to see in a leading position in the future.

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