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Ursula K. Le Guin: You cannot buy the Revolution. You cannot make the Revolution. You can only be the Revolution. It is in your spirit or, it is nowhere.

Just as in the case of Nipah, Kerala has won battle with Corona Virus. All the 3 patients identified have been confirmed by Central authorities to have fully recovered. No case of secondary spread. Number under quarantine observation drastically coming down.Congats Health Dept.

It doesn't start with hate speech, it begins with a lust for power, a fear of unknown, moves on to propagating a mixture of lies, half truths and convenient truths, and then comes hate speech.

India needs to change a lot from within. This is unacceptable


“After hostel warden complained that menstruating girls had entered kitchen, ventured near temple and touched fellow hostellers..”

Genuine question 

Were those culprits who burnt the two coaches in Godhra in 2002 ever caught and brought to justice?
The record highlights a worrisome trend as the planet continues to warm at an accelerated pace.January 2020 was the 44th consecutive January, and the 421st consecutive month, with temperatures above the 20th century average, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agency of the USA. The new milestone is just the latest in a string of climate records that have been broken in recent years.

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@shinjini All the best for your show beginning tomorrow!! There will be loads of accolades in store for you.

A little dose of humor via WhatsApp.

Budget kaa
bhoot utar gayaa ho toh
thodaa dhyaan
Valentine's ki tarf bhi dain....
Kahin aisaa naa ho ke tumhaari apni sarkaar kisi aur ko samarthan de de ।

आज तुम ठहरो
वक़्त को जाने दो।

~ गुलज़ार

After signing a deal with the NHS, Amazon now wants to become a pharmacy.

We would love to tell you more, but the Department of Health decided Amazon’s commercial interest matters more than the public interest.


I am so happy today about AAP winning that I am going to do a thread about why Atishi Marlena is the best thing to happen for children in Delhi and the education system in general

Please watch, please boost and share this across different platforms. See how data will be used to target you individually and influence your voting etc.

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looks like MoShah got right royally chicken-necked in Delhi hunh?

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