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Will Patanjali begin manufacturing fairness creams by collecting Modi's sweat now? Was that why they got 6000 crores subsidy recently?



Cop Who Climbed Wall For P Chidambaram's Arrest Gets President's Medal - The message is clear - Go an extra mile or jump an extra wall against the Political Opponents of the Ruling Tyranny and you will be rewarded.


Be warned - BJP gangs are on the prowl. I got a home visit this morning. They wanted to 'explain the CAA'. Unfortunately they took me by surprise, so my farewell was polite by my nature 😂. Next time I promise to be a gangster.


It's my parents marriage anniversary today.
Just a small story.
My Father is one of the few officers who served at both Eastern and Western borders in 1971 war. Day after fall of Dhaka he was posted to Kashmir where a unit had faced huge losses and was under pressure.
Post that the brigade commander gave 7 days special leave for marriage on 23rd January. His reward for meritorious service.
Jai Hind.

Arnab …. What else can I say. He conducts a poll which says curbing air pollution is anti-hindu… and so many other things.
my favourite story from hindu mythology is when poverty-stricken sudama went to krishna for help with a bag of poha as a gift and krishna was like "aadhar dikha bey bangladeshi" and immediately had his home bulldozed.

I started repairing broken electronic toys for kids in our family friend circle, and now almost every kid thinks I'm some sort of wizard.

explaining how their toys work inside and letting them help me fix the broken bits.

if I had full freedom, I think I'd do this full time. I love to see the magic in their eyes and help them gain a love for tinkering. maybe take some on as little apprentices, and have them go off into their own hackerspaces, exceed my ability, and grow the community, and continue to foster local build/repair/development.

And when you put Celine Dion, Carole King, Gloria Estefan & Shania Twain together with You've Got A Friend:

prepare to gasp, increase the volume and then just allow them to serenade your ears...
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I have great respect for the ability to lift and carry weight. Yes, that is strength too. But try matching this.

This is strength in my eyes. Being able to face discomfort, being able to wait for excruciating pain and endure it. This is also courage, patience and grace, all other words for strength in my eyes.

Strength looks like this to me. Because that's what it takes to be true to oneself without destroying the surrounding. Imagine the sheer strength of a plant that grows on barren rock.

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