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My oldest cousin who stood 4th in WB joint entrance exam and a gold medalist in electronics and communication engineering from jadavpur university now on the verge of loosing job, his only fault was, he wanted to serve the nation and returned from the UK to join BSNL.He single handedly modified BSNL landline and broadband billing sytem,worked intensively for better connectivity in rural India.Who even goes to work on Sundays because there is not much people left in office..Its difficult time us!

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Just as in the case of Nipah, Kerala has won battle with Corona Virus. All the 3 patients identified have been confirmed by Central authorities to have fully recovered. No case of secondary spread. Number under quarantine observation drastically coming down.Congats Health Dept.

@itsbhavikjoshi John wick. All 3 are cool. Non stop action but with a little gore.

@pursephoney @Vishsai @KayKap @musafir @VivekT He has loads of appeal but no ground support from organisations. If Congress allies, they can provide that. Ideology now, they aren't doing bad in Kerala, it boils down to individual at the top who guides.

@Vishsai @KayKap @musafir @pursephoney @VivekT I think they should. But they haven't been known to make allies at state level much these days.

@DinkaChica Am fantastic, thank you. Just caught up with loads of work, not tooting much for about a week myself.

@viv @wabbster @stux Another way to look at it would be for the followers to choose to interact to whichever opinion they would want to. Boosting and replying usually takes away visibility.

@viv @wabbster @stux But then also takes away effectiveness of a counter opinion or an add on opinion that someone wishes to post.

It doesn't start with hate speech, it begins with a lust for power, a fear of unknown, moves on to propagating a mixture of lies, half truths and convenient truths, and then comes hate speech.

India needs to change a lot from within. This is unacceptable



“After hostel warden complained that menstruating girls had entered kitchen, ventured near temple and touched fellow hostellers..”


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