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looks like MoShah got right royally chicken-necked in Delhi hunh?

Hats off to AAP for the win. Hopefully they will now be emboldened to take a stand against CAA, NPR and NRC

Students of come from privileged families. Even then it took the college more than 3 days to file an FIR on the horrifying mass molestations.
Your "privilege" won’t save you or your daughters because today the goons on the street clearly have more privileges.


#Kashmir Press Club issues a detailed statement about attacks and harassment faced by journalists in the region.
It includes testimonies of journalists who were harassed by police and the state institutions.


Today, I learn to make chatbots and will make the best chatbot ever!

Fraternity of Sikh-Muslim Will Be Remembered: Lawyer Bindra Who Sold Flat for Langer at Shaheen Bagh -

Among the many gifts of is the selflessness of many men and women of law, who have put aside daily life, in order to re-establish Constitutional values

Have any of you folks used robots at home for household chores? If so, what are your suggestions? Please share.

What a picture! We
Glowing lava inside Chile's Villarrica Volcano created this searchlight through a snowstorm, with the Large Magellanic Cloud in the background. What a shot!
(Credit: Cristobal Saavedra Escobar)

So Monday’s be like - iss subah ki raat nahin

Without , the integrity of a dynamic ecosystem disintegrates. Elephants engineer proper functionality in the wild. Elephants also help to mitigate climate change, so the protection of their wild spaces is ever more urgent.

In India, Radicalisation Is Being Flaunted as a Badge of Honour
The radicalisation of the majority community has seeped into society and organs of the state and is being seen as essential to protect the motherland from the "traitors".

This thread 😍😍😍

Let me tell you a story from Ranthambhore tiger reserve about 6 wild animals – a mama Sloth bear with two babies on her back, a pair of mating tigers and an ape with a camera (me). It’s an old story from almost a decade ago. Pardon the poor quality of pictures. Read on.

@KayKap within a few days I am visiting that eatery and will give a report

After fiery paans, it is the turn of the golgappa to be set on fire and then... consumed..

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