ISP Outage, the town will be back after this brief commercial message.

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Currently disabling accounts of / notifying about 1,000 people who were re-using passwords and whose accounts were compromised by spammers

Please don't reuse passwords between different accounts and please use 2FA whenever it's available (not that people who need this advice the most are going to see it anyway)

Storage issues... gonna be another 20-30 minutes until is back up in limp home mode. is experiencing issues, please hold.

Not related to weather . Spectrum has by all recent reports, shat the bed nationwide.


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Service outage at the DC related to weather. No ETA as of yet.

Power outage confirmed.

Server rack did not power back up.

I am working on it.

We appear to be having service issues at the DC.

As I am not in a location to service what is going on... it may be a bit. Getting some boots on the ground.

Internet outage at the data center.

Looking into it.

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Ok, so here's the deal.

glitch-soc no compiley.

restore to 24 hours ago is inbound, but a few hours away...

so until tomorrow morning...


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Using my attack model to still

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I have a working copy at June 1 up and running, but attempting to restore to most recent backup.

2 hours out. rolling back due to failed upgrade.

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Carrier still down.

Somebody backhoed a whole thing or somehing.

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