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Pentesting Mastodon for fun and profit.

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Thanks to those reporting bots on the instance. Cleaned 'em out.

Registrations on are closed until migrations are complete.

Just to be clear... is back and better than before...

more CPU!

more Memory!


Sometime in the next week, SELF-HOSTED!

We may have problems on our is not happy...

I'll keep you updated

8 days to download a 130GB disk image?

Thanks MSFT!

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I know that going for groceries would be a pain in the ass, but this is the dream...

2,2 gb manually free... that won't last long.

ok .

apparently during the last upgrade broke rake, and 12.3.1 is an upgrade I need to do as the cron jobs haven't been running.

When I try to upgrade rails... no dice... any advice?

502 bad gateway on

Down for now, probably disk related from what it looks like.

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Is mastodon federating very slowly today? Or are most instances just not updated ? I just tried 2 instances and its super slow.

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Or perhaps I was politically heating up...

Difference unclear. outbound toots not going out.

Looks like it broke yesterday about the same time I was Politically melting down.

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