@amydentata "The worst ship, you say? I was never fond of Daenerys x seat of power."

v i o l a t e
t h e
l a w s
o f
v i d e o g a m e
d e s i g n
i n
t h e
w o r s t
p o s s i b l e
w a y s

Bay Area Guilty Gear Beginner Bracket @gccaliburst@twitter.com registration reminder! 10/5, free entry, come through for fun times and good games!

Register now so I know how much pizza to get pls <3


No, whatever your "tweak this one thing and it'll fix every balance issue Warframe has"-idea will not, in fact, fix said issues. Neither will it fix jack and/or shit.

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Phew, the walk to the grocery store wasn't as bad as I expected. Got there, dropped the Blu-ray in the Redbox, and then turned to leave and noticed someone had dumped a huge amount of ice in a planter under one of the trees in the parking lot, so I grabbed a few ice cubes off the top to help keep cool.

Game designers should absolutely hold ethical stances, but they should also simply avoid unwittingly reproducing design patterns that, in the end, psychologically exhaust people.

Most importantly, triage skill is tied to individual psychological factors that game designers tend to only think about in exploitative ways - how to make players constantly want more, consume more, pay more in the case of F2P - and this is why inventory management so often becomes a chore. Players that aren't prone to hoarding / triage decision paralysis end up in a different, far more enjoyable game.

a thought on inventory management in games:
Most games with Stuff in them, and an Inventory you can put the stuff into, implicitly encourage players to put up almost everything they can. There are various ways you can fight this but it's kinda part of the territory.
"Developing an effective system for deciding what to keep and what not to keep" is a player skill that varies a lot across your audience, and it's way less obvious than eg player manual dexterity. But it's super significant.

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