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I am available now in Portland, Oregon, United States! To contact me, visit


If science worked that way, we'd dismiss visible matter as an exception to the rule because it only accounts for 4% of the known universe

due to lack of demand I am going to pivot to writing ransomware

watch this space, and remember to like, download, and install

n o r m a l i z e
l e g i t i m i z e
t r a s h
v i d e o g a m e s

"Your last minute Evo prep guide"

I had a little too much fun writing this guide to last-minute Evo prep. Shoutouts to everyone who is getting back on the grind.

Please RT! Much love to my Patreon subscribers for the support.

Endless inflation is inevitable under capitalism, due to a predictable cycle of revaluation focused on profit. I can’t find the article where I first read about this, anyone know what I’m talking about and have a link?

It’s rare that I push hard for help online for a thing like this but I’m feeling quite desperate rn due to worsening EDS symptoms. Any help appreciated.

Ok so on that note... does anyone in the Portland OR area have spare progesterone they’d be willing to give me? (Natural progesterone, not progestin.) My doc didn’t respond this week and my EDS joints can’t take this anymore

I’m THIS close to asking if anyone in the Portland OR area has spare progesterone lying around they could give me. (Natural micronized progesterone, not progestin)

hrt, important medical question 


Bah, I'm pretty sure my headphones are dying and I can't afford to replace them.

Who the heck called it “social media addiction” and not “chronic information”

It's out! Pajamajam Orgy Party that was once only on manyvids and IWC is now on onlyfans!


#blowjobs #porn #orgy #onlyfans

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