someone please explain I’m getting porn on my dash—-

Why is my dash full of only the one dude who runs this thing where’d all my lesbians go

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mastodon is just gay girls falling in love and tooting about communism

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If You Are A Man And You Hurt A Woman I WILL Find You And I WILL Kill You. I Don’t Care If You Have Armor, I Don’t Care If I’m Dying Of A Gaping Chest Wound, I Shall Do Whatever Is Necessary!

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Just got asked if I was an 'ace exclusionist'? I don't really understand what that means, but everyone is invited to my birthday party.

People that actually post NSFW on here I fear like... That’s what twitters for you horny bastards

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Sometimes.... You gotta smooch a dog. A pit bull specifically. I love pit bulls. They’re the lesbian breed.

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Anyone can become a cowboy. at any moment. Look out


I fucking mixed up my yours I’m so sorry I’m a dumb lesbian FUCK

Retoot if your a lesbian and have breathed at all.
Breathe lesbians, breathe!

I completely forgot this existed but thank you gays for supporting my lesbian toots, I return with more lesbian toots just bass boosted with Lush

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Where the fuck is Lady Gaga announcing Bayonetta 3 at the game awards Nintendo

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(to the tune of no mercy)
Maybe I want to be Famous
I'm already Famous
What about living close to the sun?
I'm already living close to the sun.
I'll pack your b

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