@BestGirlGrace your right and you should say it she’s a lesbian while Daphne is her bi girlfriend

@TheGrumpiestGrump @BestGirlGrace Meanwhile I refuse to believe any of the Hex girls are straight, and well...

Daphne joined the hex girls once, so...

@TheGrumpiestGrump @BestGirlGrace now I'm thinking Fred is clueless and thinking Daphne is his girl while Velma and Daphne are making out in the back of the van and he's busy driving

@fun @BestGirlGrace honestly? I just kind of assumed Fred gets the hint at one point and now him and shaggy are boyfriends

No one is straight in Scooby doo!

@fun @BestGirlGrace he can be ace and still date Fred! Unless you mean aromantic and asexual which is completely valid. I’ve seen him as biromantic asexual but anyway you seen him is also true!

@fun @BestGirlGrace it depends on what you feel like man! If you see him as ace in all forms then he’s that!

@TheGrumpiestGrump Remember the episode where she falls in love with a mermaid?

@fun SHES A MERMAID LESBIAN? I forgot this happened thank you for this info

@TheGrumpiestGrump well especifically I'm talking about a bit in mystery incorporated, but this is a nice it that goes over it radondoran.tumblr.com/post/344

@TheGrumpiestGrump @fun did u see they did a prequel live action movie about Velma and daphne???

@wintgenstein @fun I’ve never gotten the chance, but from the trailers it gives me very big lesbian vibes

@wintgenstein @TheGrumpiestGrump Oh damn I saw an article talking about it happening but I didn't know itcame out. Neat! I'll need to see it.

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