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Dont care. We can live with delays on franchise shit. Workers cant live properly on poor wages. twitter.com/_CharlesMurphy/sta

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Info about the hellish development of Metroid Dread.

MercurySteam has a history of abusive workplace practices, too, which came out around Lords of Shadow 2.

Unfortunately, games media believed the heads about "a bitter ex-employee," and that's the narrative that's stuck. twitter.com/MartaTrivi/status/

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VIDEO: To mark the release of the manga 'Kaiju No. 8', the Japanese publisher pulls no punches, with a gigantic illustration of the comic book hero stuck on the facade of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris

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Huh, I guess cancel culture is real but only against people who have no real power. Who’d have thought it twitter.com/verge/status/14476

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The guy who created PHP (Rasmus Lerdorf) appears to have reached some higher level of coder enlightenment

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Alors en fait si, c'est une excellente idée. Un carnet est un gestionnaire de mots de passe tout à fait acceptable et c'est bien meilleur pour la sécurité de ses comptes que de ne pas en avoir du tout. twitter.com/TheNewCaro/status/

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🇫🇷 ANSSI does not recommend anymore to enforce password expiry, except for privileged accounts.
Of course renewal must be triggered if a leak is suspected.

Big change with the end of this old rule. France finally in line with other international recommendations. twitter.com/ANSSI_FR/status/14

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More than 330K children have been sexually abused in France’s churches over the last 70 years & not 1 church was ever shut down nor 1 clergy person ever prosecuted.

Meanwhile France has shut down mosques, banned hijab in school, & criminalized hijab in the workplace. Incredible.

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looks like firefox quietly added ads into the address bar. here's where to turn it off 🤬

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The Zodiac was alive when he saw the entire internet make the Ted Cruz joke.

That's absolutely wild to me, compounded with the fact that he was almost alive for long enough to face consequences for his actions, but only barely. twitter.com/TMZ/status/1445770

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Il y a eu un énorme leak de Twitch (codes sources, mots de passe, revenus de créateur, etc.). Faites attention et changer votre mot de passe !

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