Social seems to be falling apart. I should probably abandon this account and jump an instance.

rec me one

Nobody knew the cyberpunk future would be Arby's referencing a webcomic/flash game's birthday.

Hearing legions of Star Wars fans stoked to see George Lucas makes me feel even better that he passed on the franchise. I know the prequels are a trashfire but we can now move past them and love the man for what he (and others, uncredited) did.

Plus, so long as we're being nice to Lucas, the dude is a humanitarian badass. Look up his housing projects or where the SW money went. Dude owns.

I just saw a french toot and the only word I understood was "shitposters"

I love this site

spend ten minutes around and you end up shitposting with bad pop culture songs

I will shitpost with the CW button all day and I don't care

Should I even bother remaking outside of .social?

I want to to spread out the load but also it's way over there.

this isn't even shade, you get enough people in a single site and someone's going to get enough of an ego to step out and Tell It Like It Is. We made it, everyone! We did it!

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You can tell Mastodon is a real social media platform now because it's got its own platform discourse

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capitalism but every time the system almost collapses under the weight of its own contradictions it gets faster

It sounds juvenile to be crushing so hard on Stephanie Michelle because I'm such a guy in so many ways (huge breasts, curvy, big lips, nice eyes) but she's also super sweet and socially minded and I adore her positivity and openness and acceptance of everybody.

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Advent Children
Before Crisis
Crisis Core
Dirge of Cerberus
End Capitalism

ugh taking a vacation and getting a little writing done has reminded me of how much easier it is to write when I don't have retail staring me in the face

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"I'm a scientist on the internet!" starter pack

The Big Bang Theory
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
SciencePorn on Twitter
I Fucking Love Science on Facebook

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