@mooshoe@fosstodon.org commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil They've tried. There's also "Tux" the penguin to represent Linux en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux_(mas and the Wildebeest (also known as a "gnu") kisspng.com/png-gnu-general-pu. The 1st project that I did just for fun and learning how to use GIMP, I made sure that people on DA knew I used it. The 1st comment on I got was hate.


@mooshoe@fosstodon.org People don't like it when you FOSS like a boss. I go around Twitch sometimes and try to sneak FOSS art programs into the conversation and most of the Windows users are completely ignorant on the subject. So, it's not the logos but this perception that the more money you spend, the better the software. And, open source is just being exploited to make more service-based jail applications like what Adobe & M$ do. And People that are aware, still use PS out of peer pressure.

@mooshoe@fosstodon.org Schools need to teach using free and open source software instead of being conned into a "Windows software education" deal bundle bullshit or "Google Chrimebooks for everyone" nonsense. Matter of fact, I've gone head-to-head with someone on the subject of features and keyboard shortcuts using Inkscape vs. Illustrator and kept up the whole time. By the time I was done, I had a professor all but beg me to teach him how to use Blender. It's like the whole world opened for him

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