Want to make apps for the @Purism #Librem5? We published a simple roadmap for the libhandy GTK+ phone widgets library, so you can get a grasp of our release cadence: source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhand

@KekunPlazas @Purism anyone interested in Tor Browser, Signal (or compatible clone), or Guardian Project apps on the phone, please feel free to talk to me directly (here or sean.obrien@puri.sm).

@diggity @KekunPlazas @Purism The problem I have with Signal is that as soon as Microsoft started talking about using Signal to improve Skype, Facebook gives them $50M dollars. Telegram is allowed in countries that WhatsApp isn't and vise versa. However, though some reason people find it a problem, I would still argue that a Tox client is the better option. Encrypted p2p text, talk, video, and file sharing with no signup or phone numbers. Anything else is just Electron or ChromeApps 👎.


@diggity @KekunPlazas @Purism Truth be told though, I would be happy as hell just being able to type "call #-###-###-####" or "text [nick] 'Hello'" in a terminal and work.

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