So far, the biggest problem getting people from using Windows to using is that there are a million different distros and 500+ solutions to every problem you can encounter. It's overwhelming. It then becomes an "evil I know vs the one I don't." But what the hardest obstacle for me is explaining that EVERY combination of distro versus solution is about 80% valid as long as you are willing to use your head, where as Microsoft would rather you use your wallet and be too scared to leave.

@TheOuterLinux yesterday I was thinking that almost every pretty known Linux YouTube channel does nothing but distributions overview. That felt strange, when I figured this out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


@alexcleac Well, if it makes any feel better, I only upload to BitChute instead of YouTube, de-googling my life. And, most of my videos are just unique things you can do in the command-line or projects I'm working on. And those reading and wanting to say "PeerTube," let us compare viewer counts. Hell, I even beat Lunduke on with just as many videos, but getting followers is the harder part.

@alexcleac And by "just as many videos," I'm referring to the same amount of videos I have on ButChute now. He had waaay more than I did.

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