My crappy old #smartphone (that I couldn't find a replacement #battery for) is always plugged in whenever I use it, otherwise it shuts down after a few seconds. The swollen battery has gotten even bigger/worse now. One end is popping out. (I got double-sided tape under it so it stays in place.)

Can't use the phone plugged in without the battery in there, but maybe this is dangerous? 🤔

I use it as a webcam. I'd like to keep using it. But what to do with about battery?
#technology #safety

@alexcleac They make USB battery "extenders" that you could try. You basically plug it it instead of the power cable but at least you could walk around with it. They also make solar powered versions.

@TheOuterLinux hmm, it's not a first time I see booster mentioned instead of author 🤔

@evelynyap is a correct person to mention 😁

I'm tempted to mess with the old battery. Hoping to take out the contacts thingy.

Must... resist... 😖

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