Oh, hey, remember that time when you learned that before Spain existed, there was Al Andalus, and a significant part of western Europe was Muslim? For EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS? Yeah, no, you don't. Convenient not to get taught that, right? Makes it so much easier to be a racist.

@TheRealPomax isn't it curious how the renaissance — the age of Enlightenment — starts in 1492, with the "discovery" of America, and the Reconquista, the expulsion of Muslims — and Jews from Europe

both of those are pretty violent and some of their consequences are still shaping our world in the worst ways possible, but, uh, hey, yeah,

@meena to be fair, the reconquista started about seven hundred years before then, pretty much as immediate reaction to the umayyad establishment. Just with varying degrees of success (and counter offensives). It's not really the "and then the Christians all banded together to take back the continent" that some might like you to believe it was. Europe's been in a state of religious war for about 3000 years now.

@TheRealPomax *looks at her former home country, Jugoslavija*

i don't even almost know what you could possibly mean

@meena I think we're all jealous of Slovenia in this respect.


To be honest when you talk about Umayyad, I feel like you're not giving the topic the time and the essence it needs when it is talked about.
Umayyad caliphate is a rule that was established on illegitimate terms. Practically, they assigned their own selves to that seat, and claimed that they were deserving of it, in a jokingly laughing tone.

After Andalus's ruler has backed down, basically given up and betrayed his own people (also he was betrayed), he was weak. The Spanish then came back (from the mountains) to claim back their homeland once again (yes it was practically taken from them).

I don't know what happened to my other comment...

- The new ruler of Spain then established a rule wherein all Muslims populous must be removed. And all that practice their religion are punished, sometimes to death or torture. The kids are //brainwashed// at school age, and are instructed by their parents not to talk about Islam, though some kids accidentally did and exposed their parents to punishment.

History of andalus in a nutshell.
That land was more of a proxy than anything used during the times of wars.

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