Time to maths this out. The fact that each point is a true vanishing point (i.e. the plane is not a clipping plane, *it is literally at infinity) makes this hilariously "not matrixy". Time for some trig.

@TheRealPomax the fact that 5,5,0 is at where it’s at trips me up. inf,inf,0 should still be visible from this viewing plane right?

@murz it's a non-euclidean space: the world coordinate (inf,inf,0) is in fact the screen *line* X--Y! Because of the exponential nature of distances, (5,5,0) already lies very close to, but not on, the X--Y line.

@TheRealPomax ah, so the orthogonal lines y=inf, x=inf lie on the line y=-x+inf in this view?

@murz it's even stranger than that: the orthogonals aren't lines in this space, they're points. All world coordinates (n,inf,n) map to the single screen coordinate Y (with (inf,n,n) being X, and (n,n,inf) being Z)

@murz (i,i,0) for i from 1 to 5 is still something that you can visually parse:

@murz but then the exponential nature of the non-euclidean space kicks in: 6 through 10 is this...

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