All the animals John Hammond could've brought back and he solely opted for Dinosaurs

I prefer Mastodon's way of adding alt text and CW far above the system of hellish birdsite!

because people on birdsite are bringing up that fedi admins can in theory read DMs, consider the following wisdom from /g/, replacing "mail host" with "fedi server":

Administering a mail host is sort of like being a nurse; there's a brief period at the start when the thought of seeing people's privates might be vaguely titillating in a theoretical sense, but that sort of thing doesn't last long when it's up against the daily reality of shit, piss, blood, and vomit.

Now that I think about it, administering a mail host is exactly like being a nurse, only people die slightly less often.

rant about transphobia 

The Dutch right-wing conservative reformatory newspaper 'reformatorisch dagblad' literally published an article with the following title yesterday 'gendercritical voices are silenced on Twitter'...

They embrace TERFism because it fits within their bigoted worldview, but they don't embrace feminism, because it doesn't fit within their bigoted worldview.

TERFism is not feminism

We are on #Mastodon!

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies in a privacy-focused environment.

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Okay, it's time to tell new users a secret about Mastodon.

Mastodon is (whispers) part of a much bigger network 😮

Mastodon servers use an open standard called ActivityPub to talk to each other. That's how you interact with people on other Mastodon servers.

But, dozens of other federated networks also use ActivityPub, so (this is the good bit!) you can follow people on these other networks from your Mastodon account!

For example:

PixelFed ( is a photo sharing network, here's a random example account @Iancylkowski

PeerTube ( is a video sharing network, with a p2p system that allows videos to go viral even on small servers, here's a random account @craftykat

BookWyrm ( is a social reading site, an open alternative to Amazon's Goodreads, here's a random account @mouse

Together, Mastodon and these other services form... The Fediverse :fediverse:

(whispers) Click on the link...

I almost fell down the stairs bopping to music just now by making a misstep. Luckily I pulled myself up just after falling 3 steps or so

I don't get why route 66 is supposed to be special, it's just a road

Looks like the German government also started their own #Fediverse instance (using #Mastodon):

After @EDPS run instance for EU institutions, this is a second official instance operated by a governmental-ish body that I know of.

I do like because it's federated, not tech-giant based, has a CW system, and that it has less, if any, corporate accounts

A little is proper now I think. I'm Célistine. I'm a trans woman, digital security nerd, and a highschool school dropout. I also really enjoy breaking things.

I do volunteering work for the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure. As for non-computer hobbies I really enjoy LEGO, dogs, trains and other forms of public transit, raccoons, friendly shitposting, as well as drawing.

If this school book for economy was a Wikipedia article, it would say [source?] everywhere.


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