Alright ladies and gents I'm going to bed now, @Mattsinn you better be getting to sleep too or I'm hitting your ass with a sleeper punch to the stomach, good night tootuals and everyone else.

"boost me if you want me to do a stream"
*goes afk*
*comes back to everybody boosting my 'cries in bisexual' post*
*nobody boosted my art stream post*

Guys I have just one true fear on this website: That one day my tootuals will just start replying to my posts with the terrible/maybe horny replies that I have made and will continue to make

Alright tootuals at mastadoncon whos going to be running up to me and hugging me before even revealing who you even are?

wait holy fuck can someone retoot or favorite or tag me i need to check something

yeah! also going into caves with another person is MUCH better than doing so alone

retoot this with a description of the animal (without its name) and i will attempt to draw it based on that alone

*peeks through window curtains at the absolute madness that is the local timeline* oh eh, it looks like we're in for the long haul

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