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Group shot from Foma Labs' first public experience exhibition: The Obfuscia Hotel at The Battery Club. The Obfuscia is an interdimensional hotel which manifests in our reality when the stars are aligned just so to provide a free roaming exploration of immersive art and performance.
Next performances are April 21 & 22 at The Laundry. Tickets are available at
Photo credit: @TheSeg.

Today in NorCal, there's a massive marketing campaign for Heavy Rain.

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The year is 2367.

The average human lifespan is now 120. There are colonies on the Moon, Mars, and in Earth L3 orbit. The world is powered entirely by solar, wind, geothermal and water energy. Robots mine asteroids for what minerals we cannot get from Earth. Once-extinct animals roam happily in climate-controlled reserves. Postmortem organ donation is a thing of the past, with new organs 3D-printed to order.

The save icon is still a floppy disc.

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Wait do I read that right, we go up to 1,200 toots per hour? That's amazing

I use Atom. It's matured enough to where it's very usable and enough package support to do nifty things.

For all the game dev folks I know that are in SF or going to GDC:

Tuesday Feb 28th, I'm putting an event together for experience/immersive design.

Contact me for more details if interested.

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Latest stable branch of Chrome now uses a black background when opening an image in a tab, rather than white.

At least there's some hope for a better future.

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petition to say "silent but deadly" instead of "subtoot"

First bug found:

On iOS Safari, Calling up this site when logged in will stop background music. As if a video is about to play on the site. Same when saving to home screen.

First post! Well, for me anyway.

Let's hope this thing delivers the promise of what Twitter could have been.