To all those who are disappointed with the : You aren't alone. They declared me a human being. Imagine how I'm feeling.

@wabbster Yeah, even that other fellow Hanuman got one. You aren't legit until you have an Aadhaar, @TheTweetOfGod.

@TheTweetOfGod They also said your busrtsed crackers once you were back to after 14 years 😂

Poor You!

@TheTweetOfGod Wow! God himself @TheTweetOfGod from Twitter has also joined Mastodon! Welcome.

@TheTweetOfGod Can i get a follow back now that you are fellow human 😉

@TheTweetOfGod Absolutely, but a follow here would strengthen my faith. Miracles is much needed ! Turn the follow icon just like wine.

@TheTweetOfGod Hahahaa i already am used to it .. you pretty good at disappointing !


➰ பெருத்த அவமானம் சங்கீஸ்க்கு 😂


Oh, I am good, my country is are the same guy / god in twitter?

You are so welcome.. let's be "chunks" as we mallus say...

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