My chosen people, Exodus isn't a pilot programme under which you keep one foot each in Egypt and the Promised Land in the hopes of getting the best of both worlds.

I know why I have to keep two houses, omnipresence and all that (and my shockingly cavalier attitude toward polygamy), but I cannot seem to divine why you still have to be on Twitter. Ditch the pharaoh!

@TheTweetOfGod Even you couldn't resist the temptation to TOOT!!!😀

@TheTweetOfGod God, sometimes professional compulsions compel you to be present on tweetybird still. Pls excuse this child of yours...

@TheTweetOfGod I personally saw nothing bad on Twitter. The cause of trying Mastodon was Twitter's removal of number of new tweets from the tab title (like "(2) Twitter"). But Mastodon has no this feature, too...

The other god on twitter could have done it with a snap of his fingers.
You can ask us all you want.
You can call us chosen all you want.
Unless you can snap your fingers like the other god can, nothing is going to happen.

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