I had a lot of pending work left over from the previous years.

This is the last time I'm explaining 2020.

@ConradBarwa I have to temper what I say on the birdsite. Read "appropriate" instead of "borrow", Comrade.

@lights_rage Hey, you're talking to a guy who's three things at once.

@horatiorama Take a leaf out of my book and suspend due process from time to time.

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This Covid thing has been pretty good for the Birdsite.

I haven't been in touch with Ram. We've been social distancing.

So, how's that temple working out for you folks?

No, I'm sorry. This virus can't be modified so that it only kills idiots.

@prabha I can't be. For one thing, I'm better at his job.


The evidence would suggest otherwise. I am not as unpopular as we'd both like me to be.

@prabha Whenever I find myself feeling that way, I always make some poor guy trip over something and hit the ground face first. Always cheers me up.

@ruodwolf Depends upon the kind of weed I'm smoking in that particular moment.

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