Talk like a pirate day 

The MPAA and the cable industry have a monopoly on mass media, exploiting not only consumers but low wage actors and stage crew.

The only ethical way to consume mass media is to share it.

Talk like a pirate day 

@The_T this is an excellent toot

Talk like a pirate day 


Shiver me torrents, this is brilliant.

Talk like a pirate day 

@The_T While I mostly don't disagree...where in this model is the notion of "support the artists"?

Like, fuck supporting the people who [purport to] own the IP unless they are ALSO the writers, directors, actors, editors, and/or props, costuming, lighting, camera, etc crew people! But how to support those artists without supporting the people who exploit the said artists?

Talk like a pirate day 

@alexeigynaix I am not an expert, but

Even though many actors aren't paid as much as they should be compared to how much their films make, they're still doing better than most people.

Support independent artists and creators instead, if you have the money to do so.

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