@The_Whore_of_Blahbylon This very song was used in a wedding I had the honor of conducting for a fellow SubGenius. The bride had always wanted it, and she got it, and it was a delight.

Dogs Blood Order

From the liner notes:

After releasing one record, LAShtAL, under the name of Current 93, we briefly became Dogs Blood Order. This release gathers together recordings of the two concerts we played; there were no studio recordings.

The first concert was at The Equinox Event, which took place at the London Musician's Co-op in Camden Town, North London ...


Many years ago
I had an enlightenment experience
Where I understood how connected
We all are

When the acid wore off
I realized I don't really want
To be connected to
Most of you
Mother fuckers

-- J. Warren Welch

“I am a monumental misanthropist. Man is a bad animal.” - Brion Gysin, quoted in “Nothing is True / Everything is Permissible” by John Geiger (2005)

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