@funkwhale, is there a way to install on a webserver (without docker)?

Stop 👏 Using 👏 Facebook

So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:


Can someone please give me a job (selfie, no ec yes cat)

Since getting laid off, I have yet to receive my last pay cheque or severance 😔

I'm available for short term freelancing gigs if you know anyone looking!

We want to add a moderator who speaks Hindi to the mastodon.social team. Must uphold our code of conduct, must stick around on Mastodon, some monetary compensation is included.

Apply over DM or reply. Will try to get through the applications in the following days (I’m not home though)

I'm curious. Does anyone else read scientific papers for pleasure? (Boosts wanted.)

the American Mathematical Society just published a free ebook called Living Proof, a collection of mathematicians recounting their often turbulent paths to where they are now. i've read a few of the stories and i think this is an amazing read, not just for scholars of math, but for anyone who is doing something where they simply don't feel "smart enough" to succeed. success is often made up of struggle and failure; this can be difficult to remember in our current times.

link: ams.org/about-us/LivingProof.p

Top Banker Admits Fiat is Worthless #399

Oswald Gruebe, was the head of Credit Suisse from two thousand four to two thousand seven and he has criticized negative interest rates adding that it means money has become worthless.

VIDEO: youtu.be/mMfYqmAjqLE

PODCAST: 4MinuteCrypto.com/LISTEN

ALEXA: 4MinuteCrypto.com/ALEXA/

WEBSITE: 4MinuteCrypto.com

#BTC #crypto #virtualcurrency #bitcoin

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Want to get paid to work on FLOSS? Know Android (especially JNI and NDK)? BeeWare needs your help! Spread the word! beeware.org/news/buzz/beeware-

"The Librem 5 ships with PureOS, a GNU/Linux-based operating system. But the device is sold unlocked and users will be able to install other operating systems." liliputing.com/2019/09/purism- A pure #privacy #foss #opensource #Linux #smartphone alternative to #apple #iphone and #google #android

Mass arrests of indigenous elders and protectors in Waimanalo on Oahu island, livestream from save_our_sherwoods on instagram right now, media is dead silent.

Hi Fediverse

it seems to me that switching.social closed down it's services. All social media accounts are deleted and the site is currently offline.

Unfortunately, I have no clue what happened, I'm as surprised as you are. I already contacted the French, Italian and Turkish version of the site.

In case someone knows anything about what happened or has backups of one/multiple pages of the website, I would be very happy to get in touch with you.

#SwitchingSocial #offline

"Choosing proprietary tools and services for your free software project ultimately sends a message to downstream developers and users of your project that freedom of all users—developers included—is not a priority."

— Matt Lee on #GitHub vs. #GitLab in Linux Journal, July 2018


#FreeSoftware #opensource

To all GNU project members past and present. I want to hear from you. Please email me.

Do you help run a federated or decentralised service in Europe -- or know someone who does? Please pass this link on. It's the application to meet politicians to discuss how the EU's copyright filters (Article 13/17) will be implemented. I worry about a backroom deal struck between Facebook/Google that excludes the next generation of open Net services: ec.europa.eu/digital-single-ma .. Please speak up!

"How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username"


The important bit here isn't Twitter or how much the username was worth, but how the attack was carried out

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