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If Tiger eats a Cow.
Will Tiger still be our national animal ?

hindu muslim communal tension won't be there if there are only hindus, next we eradicate hungry people to solve the hunger problem

Gujrat burned when he was CM.
India burns with him being PM.
Still these bhakts say he is a great leader but we all deeply know he is trying to divide India.

Ultrasound machine was used for clinical purpose in 1956.

People before 1956 :

BJP IT cell has created Little Modis.So many social media influencers quit their jobs and now their income solely depends on posting abuses, trolling and fake propaganda. This is what Modi does to earn his money now

"Mandir wohi banayenge. Phir chappal saare churayenge" ~ Sanghis

Shower in cold water in winter to see God for few seconds

Teacher:What is your fantasy ?
Me: Aeroplane.
Teacher: Which part of the plane do you love the most ?
Me: air hostess.

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