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Anarchy is yet another childish idealist philosophy that ignores human nature, i.e. that people are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

Any philosophy that entails "if we were all nice to each other we wouldn't need laws/government" fails on human nature.

You know why there are laws, why they evolved? To protect the weak from the strong. Yes, they are used the opposite way, but for fucks sake its better than nothing and hoping people won't be bastards.

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@gedvondur If so, why is it that people in anarchist or anarchist societies (e.g. Rojava, Revolutionary Catalonia, Ukraine Free State, tribal societies) generally have to be forced with violence into joining/rejoining a state?

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@TheoEsc I'm afraid I'm a bit confused by the question. You are asking why specific peoples who rebelled against their state can only rejoined by violence?

Are you suggesting that is because anarchism works, not that they all hate the state and spilled blood to get away from it?

I am not suggesting that nation-states are right or fair. I'm saying they are a work in progress and anarchism doesn't work and has never worked outside of small groups, because people are bastards.


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@gedvondur I'm saying your theory is falsified by data. If people were fundamentally bastards and only prevented from doing evil by the state, non-state societies would voluntarily choose to join/rejoin states after experiencing said bastardry. Instead, people who've lived without states generally choose to remain that way unless forced into states at gunpoint.

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@TheoEsc Or, more likely, is that they form their own state and order. Which is what happens with every splinter group. They are not trying to *escape* the state, they are trying to make their own. Because living without any order doesn't work when the group size gets much over a large family unit.

I'm sorry, I'm not seeing that any anarchism or communism that does not make the fatal mistake of relying solely on people's good will.

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@gedvondur With "more likely" you seem to be basing this on what you think would happen, rather than what actually happened in the examples I gave.

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