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Taking kid to see my mother. First hour on the train was fine, not sure entertainment options will last the second. Could launch an amphibious assault on Normandy with the amount of stuff I'm lugging with us. Fortunately Tube was quiet.

Productive morning: built & checked in code, 10km run, did laundry. Made breakfast & washed up as usual. If only rest of day was likely to be as useful.

This could be a big mistake if I have to cut down on training again, but signed up for the 55km London Ultra on October 5th

coding boring 

Chores boring 

First long run I've been able to do in nearly 2 months. Only 21km. Felt dizzy in last kilometer, found myself veering off path & didn't notice till felt my legs in bushes. Painted rectangles on steel bridge were waving like flags.

Work issues seem solved. Off for my first long run in a month soon!

Feeling a bit better today. No angry email replies from the late night crew so hopefully no major problems. Got a bit more work done, did dumbbell workout & had short run before family got up.

Working late again on another fucking merge cluster where it turns out half the stuff I'm merging never even worked on the original branch. So fucking tired and stressed.

Actually got the work deadline done by working from 1AM till 4AM. Insomnia saves the day again!

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Hopefully if I lube myself up with enough vaseline and wear a tight undergarment I won't get any pain or damage from run-commuting with backpack full of stuff. It worked Friday, reluctant to experiment as to which is most helpful as wife's back this week, can go back to early morning runs.

Chores boring 

Had forgotten how good it is to just eat a spoonful of sugar

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