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He who shouts on AIR in the studios, will not like being shouted at Mid-Air.

Friend stayed at a posh hotel in Srinagar (the Lalit). Only 3 rooms were occupied.

Shaheen Bagh showcases a replica of detention center and asks you to raise your voice!

RT if are against detention centers for fellow citizens!

Never forget what happened in Gujarat. Mobs had dossiers of Muslim residents & businesses & no orders were given to stop the violence. Thousands were killed. As Chief Minister, Modi enabled the atrocities.

Modi showed us who he was a long time ago. Now he must be stopped.

According to the govt, no Indians will suffer due to CAA & NRC. Only illegal immigrants will be weeded out.

In 2016 the same govt said, demonetization is good for the country. Only those with black money need to worry.

A Jamia student was studying in the library when policemen entered the campus and lobbed tear gas shells and lathi-charged students. That boy lost an eye. He wasn't protesting, he was studying.

There's a concerted and virulent effort on to destroy this country. Make it stop.

The thing is, as journalists we have to agree. Large swathes of the media have been willing slaves to the toxic agenda of this Modi-BJP government. And helped spread the poison whether for proximity to power or personal gain. Who will help us when they come for us?

From Aliga@aakar_amnesty@twitter.activitypub.actorersity

“This is a unanimous message from Pakistan’s entire Hindu community to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A true Hindu will never support this legislation."



"When you take permission from police and then protest then it becomes a concert. We were not here to do a concert. We will continue the protest."

- Kannan Gopinathan

Hugs my young brother 🥰


Kids got together and showed us a mirror. Ashamed and proud at the same time. They are the light this country needs.

Protest has really warmed up. Hardly any place to stand at Jantar Mantar. This is amazing 😍

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