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Please, we have to be there for each other. Because I can’t promise that anyone else will be.
I’m here for you.

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Your existence is revolutionary ✨✊🏽🔥🏳️‍🌈

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I want more webfriends
If you have ADHD or ADD, please boost this toot and I’ll follow you!

a hollow earther and a flat earther walk into a bar. someone else finish the joke i'm too tired

my mutual guess list (based on both content and profile pictures) (also not all of my mutuals, sorry) 

Hey, for any of my followers who didn’t already know, I’m a witch now!
Come hang ouuuuuut @theycallmemo

Wait, isn’t the witching hour midnight? In France time it’s only 8:00pm


:thinkhappy:​I’m happy to learn that I’m the only “TheyCallMeMo” in the fediverse, which means I’m guaranteed my username at!

Every time I’m allowed to invite a friend over, it raises the question- do I have any?

I’m here to kick ass and break hearts.
And I’m all outta hearts, motherfucker.

OH YES. Thank you famous person for validating my opinions. Your importance and success are the baseline for my entire series of beliefs.

Christmas music is problematic 

I just realized that when I switch to today, I’ll be looking at a completely different local...


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