Oh please, for the love of —-, please let you all get this as a reference to How Is Babby Formed (youtube.com/watch?v=Ll-lia-FEI) but for junior developers asking how to become seniors just so companies will hire them because companies won’t hire juniors.

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> How can Junnor Deelooper beeome Sneior?

Junoor debeliper make to senile develuper by tiime, eefort anf pactis, becuse these develooper cant knew errvyting imedadely

It was on teh hakernews this mroing a Senoir in FNAAG who had tort three Juneors, they are taking the Junors…

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If the United States had the vaccination rates of Black communities (about 27%) I don’t think the CDC would have changed the masking guidelines.

We should change guidelines when it is reasonable and safe for the populations made MOST vulnerable, not for those who are the least.

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Okay, well, I managed to get @fastifyjs@twitter.com to call my plugin’s onRequest hook, but I needed to add a route?!

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(I’m trying to add a header to the fastify-cors response)

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Okay, I’m stumped. I’m using @fastifyjs@twitter.com, I’ve written a plugin with a onRequest hook, where I want to modify the response headers. For some reason my onRequest hook never gets called, despite the plugin being installed

I also have fastify-cors in stack

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@ThisIsMissEm@twitter.com Counterpoint: software written by a "Dipl.-Ing." (engineer with diploma) is among the worst code quality I've seen. It's only outclassed by Perl code (it's always Perl) written by someone with a "Dr.-Ing." (engineer with doctorate).
(Caveat: n≈3)

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Reminder of double standards: Big tech says naked adults/consenting adults engaging in adult fun is too immoral to abide, but hate groups and profiting off their regalia is fine. twitter.com/gustavoturnerx/sta

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Neat comment from @mjackson@twitter.com :

> "Props are read-only in components. I think of URLs as read-only props from the browser to your app"

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son I just cleared 40 GB on my laptop by running `docker system prune`, I hate it here

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The only reason Uber was able to attain growth was because investors gave it billions to lose. First, it was the Saudi Royals, hoping to spend their way to a transportation monopoly.



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Bitcoin is a decentralized, independent store of value that frees you from the tyranny of governments and bankers, leaving your wealth dependent only on whether the world's richest man chose a body high or more of a brain buzz on a given day

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While the review into laws in QLD is underway, are demanding moratoriums on police and charges for implementing strategies. Let Police Minister @MarkRyanQLD@twitter.com know that you support & @respectqld@twitter.com in the call

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hi hello i wrote a little piece for the @instagram@twitter.com blog about user interfaces, design, and why details matter

if you’re interested in ios programming or ui/ux design would highly recommend checking it out


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Saying masks are no longer necessary is like saying condoms aren’t necessary because some people take the birth control pill 🥴

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The "post" pandemic "go back to the office" propaganda is STRONG.

They aren't even hiding it. 😬

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I'm so tired of this take. Canvas is as much a part of the web as the DOM is. The fact that <canvas> doesn't have as robust accessibility tools as it deserves is a failure on web standards twitter.com/MidasNouwens/statu

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