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"Itโ€™s easy to open-source a library, provided you have the privilege of money and time. But what happens when your personal project becomes an essential part of the internetโ€™s infrastructure?"โ€”@ow@twitter.com increment.com/open-source/a-ca

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I just coughed up a lump of mucus that was like 1/2-1" in size. But also, at least I'm not coughing continuously now.

I have never felt more like a cat.

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A professor at an Australian university has been working on facial recognition technology with China to better identify Uyghur facial features. Racial profiling. Curtin Uni in WA now says it is reviewing its research approval process

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Why haven't humans evolved dual windpipes such that if one gets clogged then there's no absolute need to panic & you could still breath?

Yes, my cough has taken me there: questioning the evolution of humans.

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Use Java? We've released the optimized, native, cryptography providers we've been using for a few years as Open Source. twitter.com/AWSOpen/status/115

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Is anyone else in love with @GraphQL@twitter.com after many years of usage? I never felt this way about REST, HATEOAS, or even Protocol Buffers

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stop trying to map endpoints to GraphQL

on backend you don't have queries

You define your Schema, define what you need to expose to your client

clients do the queries

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ICE stopped a man in his car outside his home this morning. When he refused to open his door without seeing a warrant (which ICE refused to show), ICE busted a back window and dragged the man from the car. When a bystander asked about a warrant, ICE threatened to shoot her.

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If you work in and don't want to consider the potentially negative effect of this technology, stop getting in the way of people who do.

Be open to critically examining the impact of what you make.

It's not about being a "Negative Nancy".

It's about being responsible.

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@ElaineYoung94@twitter.com @_ChristinaRoss@twitter.com Interestingly, in Iran it may be legal to have an abortion if the pregnancy is due to rape, in many other muslim countries (from what I've briefly read) it is generally legal.

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In Iran, if a 12 year old girl is raped, she must carry & birth her rapists baby. If she tries to have an abortion, she can be sentenced to life in prison.
Did I say Iran, sorry, thatโ€™s Northern Ireland, UK .

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The picket line includes:
- Amazon
- Whole Foods
- Audible
- Zappos
- twitch
- goodreads
and more (see next tweet)

Donโ€™t be a scab, stand with workers. Tell your friends to not be scabs. twitter.com/ufcw/status/115055

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โšก๏ธ & The "Dataloader" Pattern โšก๏ธ

If you're just starting out with GraphQL or getting issues with data loading during execution, you've probably heard things like "Make sure you're using Dataloader" or "Just use batch loading!". What is this all about? Thread:

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Sooo, Elasticsearch can support source filtering and post filtering, so why isn't there yet a "filter this search (index) using this field of the results from this query against a different index"?

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oh haha thereโ€™s a bug and they listed vegetarian as a dietary option twice

wait no

fucking what???

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I want a really quick search for repos (modules) I've starred on @github@twitter.com โ€” that'd remove pretty much every need I have to visit npmjs.com

I was *so* close to renting Deadpool 2 to watch from either @youtube@twitter.com or @googleplay@twitter.com, but somehow they only have it available in German language. ๐Ÿ˜

This wee module is going to be *very* useful

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Iโ€™ve been trying to tackle the โ€œcross-platform binaryโ€ problem in modern JS, with Node.js and Browser having problematically divergence interfaces.


Let me know what you think about this approach.

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