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Florida cops sent more than a dozen units to respond to stolen Pokémon cards and ended up shooting four people, killing one of them. You can’t tell me this is reformable.

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A manager recently described their team to me as “a broken down car.”

Extending that (quite offensive) analogy for a moment, I found it incredibly fascinating they hadn’t for a single second considered maybe the car was “broken down” because of how the “driver” was driving it…

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Hawaii passes healthcare protections for trans people!!!!

No more bans on:
- Bottom surgery
- Hair removal
- Top surgery
- Voice surgery/training

All because of YOU! You all contacted them and made this happen.

Thank you so much, this saves lives.

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Workplace culture explained - P2 🧵

1. It’s considered rude to decline work social events, even if you have a good excuse. A diplomatic way to avoid them is to agree to go, then cancel at the last minute. People care more about you seeming keen to go than you actually attending.

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Why is it so hard for companies to offer salary bumps that cover inflation? Why can’t that be factored into budgets same as infrastructure growth costs are.

Genuine question.

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Transphobia is bad business. Netflix decided to alienate their staff and customers by platforming transphobic content and then doubling down on it.

Now, they are completely screwing over a diverse set of journalists and creators by laying them off with no notice. Netflix sucks.

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Being anti-trans won’t free you from patriarchy or racism. How small of you to be seduced by the opportunity to oppress others for a taste of power while remaining powerless in your own life.

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conservatives never mention what the “extremist values” are. like the “hijacking” is obv untrue but what even would be the extremist values the left pushes if they actually did take over the democratic party? single payer healthcare? free college? labor protections? terrifying.

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Basically, even if jest or something goes “yeah, you’ve got 100% test coverage”, chances are, you absolutely do not.

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Has anyone encountered @fbjest@twitter.com not being able to handle subpath imports?

Unhoisted development dependencies in mono-repos is what pain looks like

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So I want to remind everyone that HRT takes time and anyone can transition. You may not be where you want now but that doesn't mean you should give up.

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That's an utterly absurd amount of money 😧😵

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“In Q1 alone, Meta’s Metaverse/Reality Labs operated at a loss of $2.96 billion, and last year, Reality Labs lost over $10 billion.”

The iPhone didn’t even cost $3B to build, let alone $13B…

F&@k@twitter.com the Metaverse!


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Whilst I know that the right has definitely become more extreme, I've a feeling that to people who see themselves as center/center left, that they perceive the left's loudening expression in the same ideas they've always held, is seen as going further left.

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This is literally the opposite of what has happened, empirically speaking

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Then suddenly it went back to normal in like 1-2 beats like something changed gears; *clunk clunk* and back to normal.

Quite strange! (I've had heart tests done in the past but they found nothing)

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