I'd really like to follow more people here; whilst yes, most of my posts are crossposts from twitter, I do want to use mastodon more. I just don't know many people here yet

@ThisIsMissEm Hello, from the same boat! 👋

I’ve been trying to switch it around by cross-posting from Mastodon to Twitter instead, which has helped moved my primary feed over here a little. Still getting more response on the other side, though.

@jkreeftmeijer yeah, I'm currently just trying to find people I already know here..

@ThisIsMissEm For what it's worth, you may want to reconsider the crossposting to extend your reach.

I've seen some people stating they'd rather not follow accounts which crosspost from Twitter. Can't blame them, since often they moved here to find a different community.

I think a smaller feed of Mastodon-only posts is a lot more likely to get you an interesting set of replies/followers.

@ricardojmendez yeah, but most of my posts are tech/political commentary, not me creating from scratch; on twitter, I'm mainly boost signal of content that matters to me.

@ThisIsMissEm Signal boosting is fine. I think what people react to is the bot-like nature of seeing an “RT” in front.

By all means, link to relevant stuff and add your two cents. I just expect that a little intentionality goes a long way.

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