Currently trying multi-account support (for this account and @intevation) in (@tom79), @Tusky and on Android.
All are and installed via @fdroidorg
Thank you for offering so many choices! @Tusky a very close race:
I almost uninstalled due to the (for me confusing) mixed timelines, until I discovered the custom tabs, who allow displaying them separately.
allows switching accounts with just two taps, but does not show the currently active on the home screen.
shows the current account, but needs four taps to fully switch.
How can I see who boosted or liked a toot in Mastalab and Tusky?
I also tried , but it was not customizable to my liking.

4 taps? Maybe when another activity is opened.
Also, cross-account actions should allow you to do thing quickly (boost/add to favorite/reply). See:

@tom79 cross-account actions (which I did not know before) are really helpful, thank you!
The 4 taps from the home/timeline are:
1. open the side bar
2. open account drop-down
3. select the other account
4. close the sidebar
Or is there a faster way?

In @Tusky it is:
1. open the side bar
2. select the other account icon
(the side bar closes automatically)

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