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CLIMATE CATASTROPE: The case for rebellion

The video linked here is a lecture by Dr. Rupert Read, a Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia.

"On the Paris trajectory we are headed towards 4°C or 5, something like that - and that is not compatible with civilization as we know it."

"Industrial society is finished. It *will* end."


Text outline:

Climate Note #7: What is to be done.

Perhaps the greatest political taboo is that against any threat to economic growth. Policy interventions must aim to stimulate, or at least not impede economic growth. Yet, all necessary paths to address the climate crisis require immediate, substantial reductions in economic output.

Climate song by "The Shook Twins": "[My god] What have we done." It rocks. Danceable! Really.

Climate note #6 about how current "green" public policy assumes a world we're not really in and aims for a world that can't possibly exist.

Full series at and #6 at

hard-to-read image version attached.

To save the human habitat, at least for now, the economy must suffer.

Climate note #5: "Your lifestyle or your life - physical and economic limits"

full series:

For a chance to stay below global warming of 1.5°C, sharp emissions reductions must begin this year.

Delaying action even just a few years would have devastating consequences.

Climate note #4: "Massive die-offs and possible extinction: really?!?"

and series home is

Climate Note #3: "How soon till zero?"

wherein I try to give a very short glimpse of the scope and scale of change needed immediately (like, *this year*). It surpasses what any institution is capable of.

Experimental climate primer part 2. Did you know that the U.S. needs to reduce emissions not less than 6% than year and, realistically, more like 15 or 20%? IPCC gave us under-reported grim news.

uspol, detainment 


Under EU copyright reform, all code you upload is treated as potential copyright infringement and possibly blocked by filters #savecodeshare #fsfe

Several trillion dollars of hype suddenly makes sense when you realise that many people talking about 'blockchain' think they are the first in the world to discover the concepts of immutable data structures and linked lists.

Several... dozen, at LEAST... Scheme and Haskell users are sitting biting their nails saying 'look, we've been TRYING to tell you...'

"I think there is a world market for about five Mastodon instances."


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