I haven’t had a cheque book for about ten years. Will Cortex take a postal order? Can I do an international postal order? I’m serious here. I’m on fire with righteous anger and stuff and grarr.

Correct spelling is Fluffee. Meh. Not my spelling. Child was in charge at the time. And so it goes.

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Also, I am not missing twitter much. Like, really not. And I am hopeful that enough come on board and make this a good place. I feel good about it already.

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@Threff Perhaps find another UK who already supports the site and see if they take your funds and send them in for you.

How do I donate money to if I’m from the UK and don’t use Paypal? Really feeling the need to repay and reward for my sanity right now.

Except I have to go to Iceland, fuckit. The country, not the shop. Will have to swap Switch for snowmobile at some point.

Okay. Super Mario Odyssey + week off work + gin. I am lost.

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@welltemperedwriter @haineux It's been rough finding people. I found many people from Metafilter through the tag. Searching on tags works pretty well. Perhaps a tag or something similar would be effective should we care to make a push.

I know. Part of me just wants to give up having to pay attention, it’s so overwhelming. But I have a shit ton of privilege. So. I. Must. Not. Because I’m just understanding in reality, a fraction of what so many people around me have been living forever, that I have been oblivious to. I knew it, and fought it theoretically. Not enough.

And because I can’t sleep, and why not, here’s a pic of Fluffee. Just ohyeah, amirite? mastodon.social/media/dh4pu4ao

A week since I deleted my Twitter account. I did that because of of what I learned and agreed with on . I do actually feel a lot better. I may be a quiet but I pay attention, and I learn muchly.

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I used to be rather scared of Grace Jones. Even after I bought her (vinyl) albums. There was something so brave about her, that made me want to condemn her, because internalised misogyny much. I was also brought up Catholic, so. I love this so much, I’m taking a bath in it theguardian.com/music/2017/oct

mastodon.social/media/oW2LeXmb Also sorry for implying I was glad Furbee (demoncatfromhell) was dead. Oh how we miss her.

Sort of.

That’s the dead one. I’m not saying I’m glad, exactly, but she was EVIL.

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