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Studio Thumpy Puppy @ThumpyPuppy

Hey friends, here's the complete collection of daily doodles!
Which one would you like seen done as a full song?

Now that I've wrapped up this part of the daily doodle project I'm strongly inclined to point at it and go, "Wow, look at all this! Now imagine what I could do with more time and a budget!" but I know better than to believe that myself. There's a fundamental difference between the ability to put down on paper a series of rapid iterations and the ability to produce a single piece of quality media. I still have a lot of work to do, and I hope people will be there supporting me doing it.

The last daily doodle!
Thanks for following along.
Today's doodle is... ambient math rock?

Tomorrow is the last daily doodle, but we'll give this another run, maybe next year. Thanks for following! #chiptune

Hey y'all, we're moving today's doodle to Sunday because it's our audio engineer @PunkFairyAlex's birthday. We'll see you all tomorrow!

Two more days left, and today's doodle is a nice gentle tune.

...and now friends, we present the Thumpy Puppy Chiptune Orchestra!

We had a slight malfunction last night and released a version of day 20 with the brass up an octave??? We fixed it.

It feels like we jumped back in time a decade or two.
Today's doodle is some punk/ska. Enjoy!

Nearly an hour of music created over the course of three weeks. What do you like from this list? What would you like to hear more of? What would you like us to start doing?

It's the first day of week three and we have a doozy for you here!
What do you think about orchestral #chiptunes?

It's the first day of week three and we have a doozy for you here!
What do you think about orchestral #chiptunes?

Orchestral chipmath? Mathchestral chiptune? Chipchestral math orc?

So it turns out mixing an #orchestra is really hard.
Check us out on Patreon to hear about how we screwed it up. :D

If you're a fan of stimming check out a fantastic place to get stim toys and jewelry. We're big fans.

Should be 'curious pup'. Oh well!
Do you have any questions for us?

Still downloading. (There was a little hiccup last night.)
We're hoping to explore more orchestral sounds for today's daily doodle.

New daily doodle for you music lovers who want a little calm acoustic now and then.