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Subtooting my followers, you know who you are 


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thinking in real time 

for real, though, i've never seen a space negotiate what "difference" means with as much intensity as this platform. there's an implicit understanding, in a lot of queer places, and, to a lesser extent, in leftist spaces in general, that difference isn't something you passively "tolerate", but rather something you specifically *help people realise*

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@geet forming a focus group for my toots and asking my republican parents for their “red state perspective”

I'm too sleepy for a proper #FatBoyFall post but fat boys and bois are still so cute #FatBoiFall

my current mood is hungry hungry hippos playing pool

neon genesis evangalion except all the characters are angry birds and the angels are pigs.

i fuckin hate it when i die adn some asshole finds all of my audio diaries that i record about everything that happens to me

when the archaeologists found that guy jerking his dick at pompeii that was environmental storytelling

all i wanna do is

*gunshot sounds*

*cash register sound*

and watch voyager

I spent most the night cuddling with him because I was worried he was dying

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my poor kitty has a squinty eye and I took him to the vet this morning and they found he had an eye ulcer

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I'm sure this would be less funny if I'd gotten some sleep last night

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In ancient rome there were various types of of gladiators with fighting styles similar to pokemon the most popular two were “thraeces” and “murmillones". One was given a set of assless armor, the other a dildo chainsaw

when I return from my voyage with a new 13 month calendar, there will be a grand festival

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buying a used boat to go sailing in search of the missing 13th month

I just heard somebody spent 600 dollars in a sex shop. My horribly broken brain immediately thought they bought a dildo chainsaw.

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