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Subtooting my followers, you know who you are 

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chud psychology 

When it's time for some of that sweet, sweet Koch inheritance cash

the fediverse is 60% English people being civilised and hilarious while the americans stand off to the side going "oi oi lads i love to pay heavily for essential healthcare, innit"

noone can ever roast me harder than my brain is constantly roasting me

love to post about a shit I just took and then gain a follower. welcome

going waluigi mode in my life by forming intense conflict relationships with entities that dont care about or notice me at all

jelly: made with juice
jam: made with pulp
preserves: made with chunks of fruit
marmalade: jam but specifically citrus rind

Prove me wrong. You can’t, because you won’t bother to try, and because I don’t care about facts.

riding my giant banana down the river like I'm on a mission

Website: We see you're using an adblocker. We use ads as our main source of income...

Mmm really wanna play blaster master on nes right now

if I have forgotten to fave or boost your post please remind me below

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