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Subtooting my followers, you know who you are 


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@PublicChaffinch boosting my defense before a battle by injecting testosterone

Just heard the advice "youll get good at cosplay if you just keep practicing"

Practicing what? Having lots of money?

mandating that the fifth circuit jusges ride around from town to town in horse drawn carriages since they wanna rp colonial times so bad

Losing a game of 4D chess to a 6 year old is all part of my 5D chess game.

Tucking a napkin into my collar before eating ass like a civilized person.

crypto shit, but funny 

Both Coinbase and Binance are down right now for so called "scheduled maintenance" which wasn't previously scheduled and I'm sure has nothing to do with the massive selloffs of all the stable coins that are crashing like asteroids to the ground

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It's really brilliant that this video talks about federation in terms of mobile phone providers. I always use email domains but I think people might understand phone providers better.

Like: If you have T-Mobile and want to call someone on Sprint do you have to change to Sprint or can you just call them? Choosing a Mastodon instance, or other fediverse servers, is the same...

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Every day I woke up, got my coffee, and drove to work at the dick sucking factory. I suppose its not the glorious life I imagined but it paid the bills and the work was satisfying.

That was until the layoffs came and they replaced us with dicksucking robots.

We both knew it would have to end like this. I don't enjoy doing it this way, but sometimes there are no other options.

I drew my kunai and ran forward with my arms outstretched behind me.

yesterday was the anniversary of the Kent state shooting where the Ohio national guard was called in to violently suppress an anti Vietnam war protest. around 20 were killed, many were permanently disabled for life, all for wanting to end the amerikkkan war machine.

When someone on Mastodon says they're 6'2", they're actually 5'14".

:boost_requested: hey what tool works best for applying posters with wheat paste to poles? paint brush? foam roller? ...?

i know yall know the secret wheat paste tactics, help me out !

[infomercial voice]

tired of your foul-smelling astrolabe?!! well now there's a solution!

I've been here for 3 days now so I'm declaring myself a veteran and claiming the right to be annoyed by birdsite meta discourse

sometimes elon musk looks up at mars and dreams of all the slave colonies he wants to start there

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