For all the people, who are praising Low-/No-Code tools, just ask them this simple question:

You: "How are you going to test this?"

LowCodeGuy: "We let our testers execute the app/software."

You: "So you are basically doing manual regression testing!? That's pretty expensive, don't you think? What about automated tests like unit tests?"

LowCodeGuy: *Error, can't ...compute...answer...🥴 😖 😵*

#LowCode #NoCode #UnitTest #SoftwareQuality #AutomatedTests


@janriemer it seems I somehow avoided exposure to no-code/low-code tools and people who use them so far. Do you have some examples of tools that people use in practice?

@TimSueberkrueb Yes, I have:

Seen it at a client. The app they've used had multiple screens and wasn't maintainable.

For very small use cases, like updating a record in a database or storing data in a file No-Code/Low-Code tools might be ok. For anything else more complex I would stay far away from them...😬

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