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This explains everything about my life online in one image.

I’m just a regular tiny farmer on a giant farm filled with giant animals and giant equipment.

There must be some huge amount of unrepaired cars under the Takata recall. Also, does a pizza only cost $5 at some restaurants?

These are just candy corn, but less waxy I guess. 🤷‍♂️

Love to watch b̠̖̏ͩͥ͝͡a̴̡̤̟͕̹̺̭̋ͪͭ̐̅͂̿́̚s̢̖͇̼̲̻̗̲̳̳̈͛͐̈̓̕͝ȩ̡̡̠͈̽ͣ͛̇̾͋̅ͫͦb̢̢̘̞̞̥̪͖͖͒ͮ̄͋̀ä̋̍ͬ̔͏͏͇̟l̴̡̅̍҉̲͙̖̲̘̳̦l̂̿̊ͣ͛̋̔̅ͨ͘͢҉͚̼͍͚̺ͅͅ

Mr 2 told the waiter that it is his birthday.

He got free ice cream.

It is not his birthday.

He has learned an important lesson about grifting.

KCC’s columns always makes me think of Bajor or another DS9-era planet

The macOS pinwheel pin that really says “Why are they still selling traditional spinning hard disks in 2019 when SSDs are cheaper than ever?”

Ancient episode of Bill Nye: “…by observing weather conditions we were able to determine that matter has three states…”

Wikipedia: “well, you forgot about a hundred others, dumbass”

The one nice thing about potty training, besides saving money on diapers, is that for once the poop that I’m cleaning up from the floor isn’t my own.

An unfortunate result of the terms of Brexit, Edinburgh has been renamed to “Esports, Scotland” and is now owned by a joint partnership between Capcom and Blizzard/Activision so that Scotland can remain in the EU.

I love reading common sense media reviews “Language includes "hell" and "butt."”

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