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This explains everything about my life online in one image.

Turns out macos’ screenshot hot keys are 3 & 4 for a funny reason:

This RC-3 Seabee may be the cutest plane ever made:

I’ve never related to a Pokémon as much as this one. It just hatched, stood up for a second and looked around, and then immediately laid down in this pose.

ConEmu is the Terminal Sanity Windows Needs
If you're a weirdo like me you have about three or four operating systems running on your desk at any time, but your command-line roots run up against the limitations of Windows 10's built-in terminals constantly. There has got to be a better way! Well I'm glad you asked, because there is a better way!…[...]

Did I ever tell you people about Bernd das Brot? It's a show that plays on the German KIKA TV network in the night when they have nothing to broadcast otherwise.

It's a show about the existential crisis of a depressed, sentient loaf of bread living in a blank white universe tormented by robotic arms and a creepy narrator. It's utterly brilliant.

Perfect look for a night out on the town, a day at work, or Hotline Miami 3

I don’t mind when people get my name wrong, but this is the most wrong it’s ever been.

i just modded glxgears with discord RPC support.

Go wild gamers, and show off your amazing GPU power.

When you finally see a̼l͎̹ͥ͗̌͞ͅl̘͉̭͔̞̭̈̔͆̈̌̐̿ͅ t̮̖̥ͥ̉̈h̠̙͛̃͠e̛̯̩͍̊ͬ̇ ͫ͒͠i̿ͬ͒̑͟n̸͚̓f͉̞̜͋ͭͤo̳̜̙̹̜͍͖̍ͤͦͨͤ̏̄ṟ̮̣ͅm̰͇̺̰̊̌̆ͣ͟ạ͔͆ͫẗͩ͋̓͂̾̕ī͂͑ͮͨ̾ͦ̕o͏̠̼̠̩̬̮n ̞̤̬͐́̒t̠͈͎̿̊ͭhe̶̻͓ ͚̮̥͉̤̖͖ͪ̐͗̑̅ͭͭ̕TV̳̲͈́ͣ́ ̬̖͙̹̤͌͐͋̓͆͡ȋͭ̾͗ͥ͡s̝͇̬̰͂ͥͨ̚ ̷̦̱ͯ̀s͐e̱͎̩̝͑̐̇̌nd̡̥̝̊͒i͏n̮͈̦ͮ͒̒g͍̝̀ͤ

normal brain: hold down power to shut down when an app is unresponsive and has stolen all input

bright brain: ctrl+alt+del

big brain: ctrl+shift+esc + kb controls

galaxy brain: whatever I just did with Win+Tab to move an unresponsive Kohan to another desktop so I could use the mouse to control task manager normally

Ben Heck Found a Use for the Neo Geo Mini
Ben Heck left The Ben Heck Show at Element 14 and is back on his own channel. Heck's first big project post TBHS is tearing down the Neo Geo Mini with his expert commentary and then rebuilding it as a portable in these two videos: Watching Heck work is always fun.[...]

Spider-Man talking “wheatcakes” and nobody calls that out?

Don’t forget to clean out your PS4 before it goes south like mine did. You’ll need a special TR9 Torx security bit but then it’s easy.

I fed over 8,000 CNN Business headlines to a neural net to see which new headlines it would predict.
For some reason, it predicted companies behaving rather badly.

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