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The Bachelor but it's a drummer picking which local band to join

Catgirls are meowtiful!
Catboys are purrsome!
Nyanbies are nyantastic!

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trying to come up with one of those posts that offhandedly asks for boosts so but is self aware enough about it that it actually gets boosts but coming up empty.

Overheard at work:
"Wait. What the fuck!"
"What happened?"
"Our application just deleted everyone's gender."

The revolution has started! TO THE STREETS!

yall ever take what you think is a really good selfie and then stare at it until you hate it

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Notice how spidys phone in the new spider man game has the same colors as grindr :byebrows:

@sadgirl everyone who's pretty comes out looking awful and this especially applies to you because you're especially pretty i'm sorry

I haven't made an original toot in days so 'm just gonna leave this here to fill out the silence.

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