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broke: bigger Luke theory
woke: smaller Han theory

Selfie, ec, new dp 

PUP: just 'cause you're sad again, it doesn't make you special

Me: are... are you sure?

i told my doctor to i was depressed and he told me to follow famous mastodon shitposter @sadgirl

Pop punk is good due to the fact that they feel every emotion at once, meaning it's always relatable

My neighbors: *are sleeping*

Me, in the shower: i hope the world explodes, i hope that we all die. WE CAN WATCH THE HIGHLIGHTS IN HELL, I HOPE THEY'RE TELEVISED

My neighbors, awake now: yo this rips

to this day the debate rages on, what should a shitposter aspire for more? Quality or Quantity?

I reject the debate entirely by failing to deliver on either.

thirstin' after that boy peen,
like its made outta soy bean

The Bachelor but it's a drummer picking which local band to join

Catgirls are meowtiful!
Catboys are purrsome!
Nyanbies are nyantastic!

coming out 

trying to come up with one of those posts that offhandedly asks for boosts so but is self aware enough about it that it actually gets boosts but coming up empty.

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