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I'm going to sit at this restaurant until someone feeds me fish or clams!
I scared everyone away, didn't I?

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Hello, Big City! Might you be so kind as to tell me where you store all of your fish and clams?

I'm asking for a friend. >.>

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1998 concept art godzilla was actually kinda dope

More anthropomorphic than the final design

Elongated Muskrat(elon musk, Bolivia) 

Morales: "hey elon wanna hear a joke?"
Musk: "yeah sure."
Morales: "lithium."
Musk: "I don't get it."
Morales: "That's right you son of a bitch."

collar 3d art and ic text 

This should be the finalized version of this! Done! @.@ Only about *checks* 16 hours of work

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I'm available to work on more commissions like these! If you want a pool toy version of a character modelled and rendered like this, let me know! Starts at $20 if they mostly fit the blank model below and go up from there. (Open to anthro, different poses, props, handles, valves, animation, even nsfw stuff, just DM me)

"i think circle wolf is his brother"

listen here you little shit

Ancient greek architects wanted to find some user-seeded cryptids for their labyrinths, so they decided to download some Minotorrents

I went to delete-and-redraft my introduction toot to update it, and the text block was blank. The action had completely obliterated my original toot. No salvaging it.

Sad titanotter. 😭

Otters who are good at doing things on their own are known as ottermatons.

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