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Updated . (6/9/2019)

Mid-aged in a relationship.

with .

Recently moved to .

AF, I guess! Main is a tayra named Arthur, also a skyscraper-tall otter named Alon.

Former hotel front desk agent. Maybe a story or two to tell.

Interested in & like , , , &
Also & .

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I'm going to sit at this restaurant until someone feeds me fish or clams!
I scared everyone away, didn't I?

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Hello, Big City! Might you be so kind as to tell me where you store all of your fish and clams?

I'm asking for a friend. >.>

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Nonbinary-ness is strange, changing, and difficult to categorize just like the most wonderful things in this universe.

Embrace the beautiful strangeness of yourself and you will not fear standing out or fitting in.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

friday the 13th, a full moon, AND the 50th anniversary of scooby doo

*David Bowie voice*

🎶 Ch- ch- ch- chungus! 🎶

🎶Nose that sticks out🎶

🎶This is a thing that I post about🎶

I did manage to get a good amount of sleep yesterday. That's something, right? It's a start.

I'd be more conversational online if I didn't feel too tired so often from everything going on.

So I am currently between jobs, and while I look for a new one, I need to make some cash. I design cross-stitch patterns (and stitch them), and would love to take some commissions.

My current thing are these cute WiFi signs for your home! I can customize all the colours, I just used the template for my own. I can also do custom orders/ideas.

The WiFi ones are $75, and any others would be based on work load. I'd be super happy if y'all could spread the word.

alcohol and science 

Remember when icons were called avatars. In retrospect, that was a pretty dramatic name for a profile image.

Court rules that no, web scraping publicly available information is not hacking (read CFAA violation). Even when the owners of a web site would prefer you didn't:

Politcal/tasteful nude macro hyena 

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