With luck ... And my wife having good hours ... I should finally be done chapter 3 of Old Man's Game this weekend

Sofa surfing tonight ... So no sleep for me.

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Really should be writing and kicking out the next chapter of Old Man's Game but between the coming divorce hearing, the holidays, and this current Sprint at work I have no time.

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New year coming up and lots to think about.

A wife, three kids, a full time career, trying to make the positive changes in myself and continue the help I need ... and trying to resurrect my online presence ...

I'm going to overwhelm myself, aren't I?

@google seems like a broken mess at launch as it can't even seem to find a wire connection.

Really disappointed.

Sometimes it takes the saddest being in the universe to help you through your own troubles.

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A darker dark is coming. Here's a little teaser! 😃🎉

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