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hello pls boost so my followers on my other account can follow me on here

selfies, eye contact 

@haylum you’re so gorgeous that anyone who’s not replying must be lashed to the mast of a ship, wanting nothing more than to let you drag them beneath the briney waves.

If you’re not cutting asymmetric hems on your t-shirts idk

Yo I’m now! Tell ur friends!

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we're spending too much time talking about a soggy actor, and not enough time talking about whether or not the human body can handle eating 130+ pages of The God Delusion

@tekniklr I am not surprised that you are the person who has, the right answer

yo what is an instance that is administered by someone who is as punk as possible while also being as trans as humanly possible

@bloodwitch Cash app works perf! thanks for being so lovely and giving

Toby Fee boosted luv to do fun freeform ties while regaling partners with why we don’t do it that way because that’s how that Italian dude killed two people at once trying to do mutual suspension. I love this pattern! It has so few frictions while still being safe. Totally gonna try tying it myself.

Yo Im leaving soon I just have too much shit to manage today but y’know, soon.

NSFW toot 

Unionize your workplace

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literal actual nudes 

@feminazgul this is a blessing. Thank you for making my day brighter and motivating me to take some good nudes.

@seagazelle hello I have the same question every single day of the week.

@bloodwitch I am so into it that I now know your Ko-fi link in your profile doesn't work.

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