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after almost a year of contracting I'm working full time again. The awesome office manager just ordered over $3k in gear for me to use, all stuff it's no longer my responsibility to supply. Such a huge relief. Big day.

snarking about parenting/billionaires 

"Son from now I'll be parenting the Steve Jobs way. No more phones at the dinner table, also I'm giving all my money to my girlfriend, ensuring your mother lives in poverty for three decades, and I just called Newsweek to tell them you're not my son."

Maybe the real pee was stored in the friends we made along the way.

P chill that you’re all posting cellophane-wrapped Garbage cassettes because I actually like feeling like the last 2.5 decades were a Bad Dream.

Me: so glad we have Mastadon where we can talk about what really matters
Also me: “nip slip” is short for “Nippelas Slippleby”

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carly rae jepson is 20 times the hero john mccain could ever be even if he undid all his war crimes boost if you agree

First time using “find my iPhone” on my laptop to make a loud pinging sound come out of my bra

I was feeling pretty uncertain about my look today until I looked in a dang mirror.

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awoo! hello #fediverse. we are a the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, as the name describes, an incarcerated member led section of the #IWW, a revolutionary union.

Our presence here is an experiment of sorts. We hope our time translates to getting us closer to freedom for our caged members and ultimately, #prisonabolition

We're in the midst of a nationwide (and Canada too) #prisonstrike

Learn more at

Good morning everyone, it's Friday! Time to do your best for another hour and then spend the rest of the day reading about rare diseases on Wikipedia

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Let she who has never fallen off a chair while licking her own butthole cast the first stone

Water, circuit, air, gender. Long ago the four nations lived in harmony-

I like how the video games Dune and Dune 2 are as closely related as a glass of whole milk and T H E W A T E R O F L I F E

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if CHOAM bans me for hollering at the Emperor I will face God and walk backwards into the desert

[Slaps roof of stillsuit] this baby can fit so much urine and feces in it

Stay positive today everyone. Remember:

* you're worth it
* you got this
* taking downtime isn't weakness it's strength
* the Gom Jabbar kills only animals
* treat yourself like you're someone you love
* the spice must flow

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